We are the SCBC EM Youth Ministry, and we need your help!

This year, the SCBC theme is "Be a Blessing to All Peoples." What does that mean? Well, as a group of people who have Jesus at the center of our lives, it means that one of our goals is to go out and show people who Jesus is. One of the ways that that happens is through compassion and care for the poor and hungry, something that Jesus cared very much about. 

We are seeking to raise $10,000 as a small way we can help to combat the problem of world hunger, as well as be a blessing to all peoples, and to show people who Jesus is, through our efforts. 

As we sit down to dinner with family, or for a great lunch in the company of good friends, it's easy for us to forget that the world produces enough food to feed everyone, and yet, there are still millions of people who go hungry every day. Won't you join us in taking this small step in making sure that everyone will have access to this basic human right?


Get The Word Out