This page shines a ‘Spotlight’ on the champions that do the 30 Hour Famine – the youth and their teachers and leaders that inspire all of us to change the world.

Each year, hundreds of youth across Canada do the 30 Hour Famine. They experience first-hand what affects millions of children and their families globally – hunger. They describe it as an “eye-opening”, “heart-breaking”, “worthwhile”, and “life-changing” experience.


108 Youth Group                                                                         Cairine WIlson High School

These youth’s bravery and compassion inspires crowds to join the movement and donate towards a HungerFree World. The impact is huge! In 2016, over 90,000 affected families were relieved from hunger – for good – and this was from 30 Hour Famine donations throughout Canada only.

Caring works. To quote Kevin, a 12-year-old student from Vancouver that recently experienced how the effect of a small gesture can affect others and grow into a ripple effect of giving, "one simple gift can expand into a huge tidal wave".

In 2016, these top 10 teams went above and beyond to raise impressive funds:

30 Hour Famine Study Tour participants visit School Meals Project in Bwasare

Every contribution in the fight against world hunger counts. Many of these teams started with a modest goal and inspired this amazing turnout. Change starts with a gesture, even a small one – go for it!

On behalf of World Vision Canada, we thank each and every one of the 30 Hour Famine participants for their life-changing move towards a HungerFree World. You’re making it possible to End Global Hunger in our lifetime! Thank you!