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Track your impact and help create sustainable change! 

Everything that you do: your voice, your fundraising, your passion goes towards projects that World Vision supports all around the world.  Here's how you have changed lives:

Advocating: Speaking up about global hunger to your friends and family makes a difference. Once you share your passion to end global hunger, it multiplies and other people join your cause! Get angry about global injustices and tell others what you have learned. Knowledge is power, and the more your community learns about the issue, the more we can help those in need.

Fundraising: Last year, World Vision helped more than 1.6 million people fight hunger and malnutrition through food distribution, nutrition and livelihoods training, and resources to improve community infrastructure. Through the 30 Hour Famine, you have directly helped communities in Kenya and South Sudan, providing the essentials for life to over 90,000 people! 

We've started the journey to end global hunger, let's finish it and put an end to the injustice. Never forget that we can change everything. You have the power to stop extreme hunger. Challenge yourself to learn more about the issues, raise awareness, fundraise for the cause and fast for 30 hours to experience it all.