Looking for your next great idea? We've got loads of them! Check out some of these great ideas to fundraise below.

Great Ideas

  1. Bake Sale – Make some treats for your school or group and ask for donations – “pay what they can.” You can go to Wal-Mart/Metro and ask for donations (most will give a gift card) use that for the supplies so you are not putting any money out of pocket.
  2. Skip a Meal/Give a Meal - Ask students to skip a meal by giving a meal (the amount they would typically spend on their lunch, donate it to a good cause instead!  You can replace skipping a meal with a cup of coffee too.
  3. Board Game Tournament: Create a fun twist on a card tournament and do something that everyone can participate in. Have a Board Game Tournament. Pick a favourite, such as Sorry, Trouble, or Monopoly. Then invite your friends to make teams, sign up to play and compete for a prize.
  4. Three-on-three basketball tournament: Organize a basketball tournament in your school with the winning team receiving a prize. This can also be done with soccer, tennis, badminton, or any other sport. This fund raiser is relatively inexpensive to setup and offers several additional ways to make money. You'll need a few basketballs, tables, portable scoreboards, trophies, and a gym to rent. 
  5. Toonie Drive Fundraiser:  Place a toonie bin in your school, office or religious institution with a sign asking people to donate their toonie to a good cause.
  6. A Rubber Duck Race:  This is a fun and unique fundraising idea. Not only will you raise some money, but everyone will have a great time. Rubber ducks are "sold" to participants who then write their name and phone number on each duck they purchase. Be sure to use waterproof ink! Then, the ducks are placed on a river, pond or, as a last resort, in a large pool. The duck that reaches a predetermined finish line first is the winner, and the person who bought that duck wins a prize.  
  7. Bingo: Pick up the supplies and organize a bingo night, charging people to buy cards and offering prizes for the winners. 
  8. Popcorn Sale:  Rent a popcorn maker and sell bags at a sporting event or even just over lunchtime. 
  9. Car Wash: In a hot summer day, organize a car wash with some friends/students. Be sure to be located in a busy street with a lot of movement. Have some people washing cars and others asking for money at red lights. You can also sell lemonade.
  10. Water Walk: With a group of people, organize a water walk. People will have to carry bottle of waters on their head and walk a few kilometers. Each participant can approach their families/friends and ask them money for their walk.
  11. Pizza Lunch: Buy some frozen pizzas at the grocery store (or ask for a donation), bake them right before lunch time and cut them in slices. Sell the slices at your school on lunch time.
  12. Hot-dog & Drinks: On a hot summer day, sell hotdogs and drinks (juice, lemonade, soft drinks, anything refreshing) in a strategic place  with a lot of people (at an event, concert, park, etc.) You might have to ask permission and collaborate to sell food. Ask for donations or special prize at the grocery store for the food.
  13. Cotton Candy: Rent or borrow a cotton candy machine and sell the product to students.
  14. Marathon/walkathon: If you’re participating in a marathon, walk-a-thon, star climb or any other recreational event, consider collecting pledges in support of your efforts. 


  1. Car wash: Set up a car wash with your friends or group in the parking lot at your school, religious institution or public area. (Be sure to ask for permission and be careful around the moving cars)
  2. Organize a gift wrapping station:  You can do this at school or at a community center. This is especially popular around the holidays
  3. Mow-a-thon:  Spend an afternoon or even your weekends mowing lawns in your neighbourhood for a donation!

Just For Fun!

  1. Head Shave: Set yourself a target, ask family, friends, colleagues to sponsor you.  Once you have reached your goal, invite everyone to watch you shave your head.  Bonus: If you have long hair you can donate it to someone who lost theirs because of cancer treatments
  2. Don’t Shave: Grow your beard or moustache and ask people to sponsor you
  3. Photo Contest:  Have a photo contest and get people to submit their photos for a prize
  4. Carnival: You can make this as big or as small as you want.  Set up some games and activities and ask your friends to help you run tings.  Charge an entry fee or ask people to buy tickets for the different attractions
  5. Cardboard Regatta: Have a cardboard boat/vessel race on a calm body of water!  People can build their own vessels and race across the water to see who reaches the other side first.  Charge an entry fee and supply a prize for the winning team.
  6. Quiz Night: Round up some smart (or not so smart) friends or in your own group and arrange them into teams.  Then get your ‘quizmaster’ to test them on their knowledge of various facts.
  7. Bad Hair Day: Encourage people to come into work or school with their worst possible hair do and offer a prize for the best ‘worst do’
  8. Scavenger Hunt: Make your own ‘Amazing Race’ with teams competing in various challenges with a donated entry fee. 
  9. Speed Dating: Set up a speed dating session with some of your single friends (and friends of friends).  It’s a fun no pressure evening of mingling with potential dates in support of a good cause.


  1. Pancake Breakfast: All participants pay an entrance fee, for an all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast.  You can try to have the ingredients subsidized or donated to you by a larger organization.
  2. Snack stall: Set up a stall at an event or a sports tournament and sell drinks, snacks or treats.
  3. Deliver Breakfast: Form a committee ask local businesses to donate some breakfast foods, you can have your committee help deliver these meals to those who can make a donation in your school or work place, or to a school who has a breakfast program.
  4. Pie Eating Contest: All participants pay an entrance fee, and have a contest to see who can eat their pie the fastest for a small prize.
  5. Lemonade Stand: Set up your booth on a busy corner or outside a shopping center.  You can also sell freezies, or hot chocolate or iced tea.
  6. Garage Sale: One person’s trash is another’s treasure.  Clear out your attic, basement or garage and rid yourself of things you no longer need.
  7. Craft Sale: Gather a few talented friends and sell your crafts.  You can also use online sites like etsy.com

At the Office

  1. Dress Down Days: Allow your office to dress in casual attire for a day, they can make a donation on those days
  2. Who’s the Baby? Get people to submit a baby photo of themselves and everyone can guess who is who.  Charge a basic entry fee and offer a prize to the person who gets the most right.
  3. Ice Cream Bar: Everyone loves a mid-week treat.  Stock up on some ice cream and toppings and charge people to build their own sundaes.  You can also ask other organizations to donate supplies.
  4. Good Karma Jar: Keep a jar on your desk and ask colleagues to drop in some change every time they say a bad word – whether that means a curse word or simply an overused one.

Talent Spotlight

  1. Art Show: Ask local artists to donate a piece of art to your cause and hold a show to sell the works.  Make sure to arrange any commission the artists want ahead of time. 
  2. Talent Show: Host a talent show! Gather together some good acts and sell tickets to the general population or at your school. You can also hold a bake sale during the intermission and ask other businesses to donate various items for auction. Parents love watching their children perform so invite them as well.
  3. Karaoke Idol: Rent or borrow a karaoke machine and host the party at home, or the local community center and charge an entry fee.  Make sure you have a small prize for your winner.
  4. Garbage Fashion Show: Get some creative people to design a show made entirely from recycled materials.  Or have a regular good-old fashion show.
  5. Battle of the Bands: Offer local bands a chance to showcase their music and charge an entry fee to see the show
  6. Dance-a-thon: People can collect pledges for participating in a full day/night dance-off.  Make sure that there is a prize for the person who lasts the longest.