Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQs to help you on your journey. Can't find what you are looking for? Email us at:

How do I do the Famine?
The 30 Hour Famine is about giving something up for 30 hours. Fundraise and raise awareness for issues of hunger and poverty. Every dollar you raise counts and every person who hears what you have to say can join and make a difference. You can choose what to give up, such as: food, Netflix, furniture and social media. For more ideas on how to experience the Famine click here

Do I have to register online?
Yes: Every person doing the Famine must register online. We've gone completely digital with all of our processes and resources online. Less hassle for you, and better for fighting global hunger! It's safe and secure. By doing the Famine online last year, you helped us save over 50% in paper and shipping costs which means more money went to fighting hunger!

When is the global Famine date? Can I change my date?
The official 30 Hour Famine date is March 31st - April 1st. However, you can choose to do Famine whenever you want. You can chage your date when you register or send us an email after to update your date:

Where do I go if I want more information on how to do the Famine?
Get the “Famine Guide” and other resources here.

How old do I have to be to do the Famine?
The minimum age is 13.

Do I have to do Famine as a group? Or can I do it on my own?
You can do Famine as a group or as an individual.

How do I donate the cash I collected? / processing offline donations.
Track your fundraising online through the "Add Offline Donation" tab. Please note that pledges you enter will reflect on your thermometer but it is essential that you submit your pledge forms and donations via mail to the address listed below. You can choose to forego entering your fundrasing online and submit the donation and pledge forms via mail.

I received a cheque donation: Make sure the cheque is issued to World Vision Canada. Login to your account, select "View Donations Received" under Your Fundraising. Click the "Add Offline Donation" tab, enter in the information and select "Check", then add the donation. Mail the check to the address listed below with any pledge sheet information you have collected. 

I received a cash donation: Deposit the cash into your own personal account issue a cheque to World Vision Canada for the total amount, and then login to your account, and select "View Donations Received" under Your Fundraising. Click the "Add Offline Donation" tab, enter in the information and select "Cash". Please remember to mail us your pledge forms once you have completed this process. Do not mail cash. 

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Mississauga, ON
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Can a team captain / leader sign up for a group member?
Yes you can! Leaders can now register their group members online. Immediately after you register yourself, click "register another person", follow the steps in the registration process.

Do I get volunteer hours if i do the famine?
Yes, but check with your school administrator. They will be able to tell you if the 30 Hour Famine counts towards your community service hours. You can download a form and have your teacher sign it here.

Where does my fundraising efforts go?
This year, the 30 Hour Famine will be funding projects in Kenya and South Sudan

Are there prizes this year?
This year, we want to help you go further in your journey. Do the Famine and increase your odds of being selected to go on one of our Youth Leadership Trips! More details here.

Are there updates on the projects / causes I raised money for last year? 
Check out our food security projects for updates, and your impact. Stay up to date with our emails. Make sure they don't land in your junk folders.

Can we have a World Vision Representative give a presentation at my school / club?
Absolutely! Contact us today and let's set something up!

Do you have to do Famine as a sleep over?
Creating an overnight experience with your team is amazing! However, you are not required to stay together.

Our school is supporting students with anorexia; does giving up food send a bad message?
Your health and safety is so important. Great news is that you can choose other things to give up other than food. We want everyone to participate in the experience. Check out some other ways you can do the 30 Hour Famine.

Can I keep fundraising after the event?
Absolutely! Justice never stops, so keep fundraising! 

Does the site have my group and contact information from last year?
We've moved to a new fundraising platform. It is super quick and easy to register and sign up. You'll also be able to track your impact from event to event and year over year!

How do we change the team captain?
Email or call 1-888-8FAMINE with the information you want changed.

I donated to the wrong person/group, can I change this?
Email or call 1-888-8FAMINE with the information you want changed.

I registered as an individual, but now I want to join or form a team.
You can change this option on your personal page once you've logged in.